Elven spellsword


An elven general in the Dreaming Dimension, Aesl’n has been tasked by the Lords of the Elves to come back to Ore and locate areas in the Veil that may both ease the return of the non-corrupted Elves, and find areas that will not affect the Elvish peoples negatively.

Unfortunately, upon his arrival on Ore, he has found that the nature of Ore drastically weakens Elves – they are not as powerful as they are in the Dreaming Dimension probably due to the corruption of the metals, and it has taken a great deal of time for his powers to return to what they were.

He was joined in his return to Ore by the courtesan Lippu, who spent much time glorifying Aesl’ns deeds in the Dreaming Dimension. They appeared near Port Scourge where they met a devotee of Stirkur (Artur), and an artisan that had some skills in thievery and lying (Oosh). They have been the longest in a line of Ore peoples that have traveled alongside Aesl’n in his quest, although he has found that they have been sidetracked by garnering more and more baubles and less towards his goals. He intends to rectify this situation in the upcoming season after their home-base in what was the fort of Sakriskyn is built.


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