Bankrupt merchant from Av Arat.


A human of average height and build. He speaks in the common tongue and is quite adept at trade practices, both legal and, when necessary, illicit. Impeccably dressed if he can help it.


A merchant from the shining jewel of Av Arat, Hazaq is a man with many enemies but thankfully even more friends. He prefers to keep his nose clean, earning his extra gold through his charm and his talent for making and pointing out legal loopholes in contracts. However, when things become desperate, he’s not above getting his hands dirty. After all, it’s good to have friends in low places, and he knows that you always have to watch your back.

Through a series of unfortunate events and questionable judgments, Hazaq ended up in debt to the Tong of Kreel. The shady organization of slime and villainy took decisive action by casting him into the sea from high cliffs south of Port Scourge. Miraculously, Hazaq survived the plunge, but then found himself the prisoner of Sleestaks in some sort of underground temple.

The rest is history, and he now finds himself allied with his rescuers, who also have it in for the Tong of Kreel, upon whom Hazaq would like nothing more than icy revenge. He is hopeful that he can reclaim his assets in Av Arat, but he wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been seized by now.

Hazaq’s perpetual Achilles’ heel is his poor impulse control and curiosity. As a man who is always intent on improving his situation, he often leaps headfirst into everything, whether it is a business deal where he really should have taken the time to read the fine print, or using an item that the gods might have cursed.


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