Native born tracker and woodsman


Kaasataha man of below average height but wiry strong, agile, and quick.


Ripped from his mother’s arms and sold in the slave market of Port Scourge as an infant. His owner noted his natural aptitude for tracking and used him to track down escaped slaves.

One night his master lost a bet and Horn became the property of the owner of a pit fighter school. Here he learned some basic fighting skills before being forced into a match. Horn won his match but was severely wounded. He was nursed back to health by another slave, the kindly Thrassian pit fighter Basquda. In gratitude, Horn freed Basquda when he made his escape.

The two tried unsuccessfully to outpace their pursuers for weeks. In desperation, they fled into a cave only to be dashed into an underground river by falling rocks. The two were separated by rushing waters. Horn had the misfortune of washing up in the realm of the sentient mushrooms. He was quickly taken captive.

Horn dislikes civilization and it’s people. He feels great guilt for having tracked down so many of his own people trying to escape from bondage. He yearns to be a part of the Kaasataha culture he was born into even though he cannot even speak their language. He desires to establish a refuge where the Kaasataha people and escaped slaves of all nations can be safe and free. However, he is enough of a realist to recognize that the only way to avoid becoming a slave again is to amass enough wealth and power to protect against “civilization”.


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