Siccalian thief


Oosh grew up the only child of a wealthy merchant. His mother died when he was very young and his father was always out on trading caravans or starting up a new “get rich quick” schema. So, at a very early age Oosh was sent to boarding school. At school Oosh was a good around student but excelled in the fine arts. Painting became his passion and danger was his inspiration. Most Siccalian art subjects were of nudes or romance so Oosh’s subject matter was not well received in the art community.

When Oosh was 17 his father lost most of his money to a bad investment in griffen feathers. Trying to regain the lost capital Oosh’s father decided that he would sell everything and risk it all on exotic pets. To save money and keep an eye on his investment Oosh’s father decided to lead the caravan himself. Unfortunately Oosh’s father cut corners with protection of the caravan too. This was a fatal mistake for Oosh’s father and the caravan was attacked by beastmen.

When Oosh arrived home after the funeral for his father he was greeted by is father’s creditors. They gave him one week to come up with the money his father owed or they will take the family home to settle the outstanding debt. That night Oosh packed up some things and headed to Port Scourge to find inspiration.

On the way to the pirate city Oosh learned that his dexterous hands were good for more than just painting.


Ur-Hadad & Beyond AdamMuszkiewicz plinkowski