The Iron Coast

The Iron Coast campaign for the ACKS game system focuses on a strand of shore east across the Dawning Sea from Ur-Hadad, where several nations vie to control a territory flush with valuable resources, once held by a now-lost people called the Sandlanders. While the campaign has a strong exploration element (for example, exploring many of the Sandlander ruins such as the lost city of Fallen Temosh), it also focuses on domain play, with the players involved in running Sakriskyn, one of the setting’s many Orphaned Baronies — remnants of colonies that have collapsed and now survive only as independent minor states.

Nations of The Iron Coast

  • Siccalia – the proud people of Siccalia seek to spread their “enlightened” culture to the rest of the Iron Coast for its own good.
  • Tengh – a colony on the brink that has turned to necromancy and other dark arts
  • Iskurland – home of the viking peoples who honor the god Stirkur as the Jarl of Jarls
  • Av Arat – a bustling trade city-state allied with Ur-Hadad, Av Arat is the Iron Coast’s strongest bastion of civilization
  • Port Scourge – a city of pirates, thieves and degenerates, Port Scourge would be less noteworthy were it not so successful
  • Orroztalan – descendants of the native Kaasataha & Sandlander peoples, the Orroztalani live to serve their state… and its masters.
  • Malowolcza – literally “lesser Wolcza” in the Wolczik tongue, this outpost nation of hussariyye of Wolcza dominates the plains to the southeast.
  • Orphaned Baronies – a patchwork of failed colonies, the Orphaned Baronies stubbornly cling to their existence and autonomy in the face of the other nations’ ambitions

Languages of The Iron Coast

  • Otengewe – spoken in Tengh
  • Iskurlandik – language of the viking peoples of Iskurland
  • Siccalian – a provincial derivative of Aretoi spoken in Siccalia
  • Kaasataha – spoken by the native Kaasataha people of the Iron Coast, descendants of the Sandlanders
  • Orroseotl – the language of Orroztalan, this tongue is similar to Kaasataha in derivation, but not mutually intelligible
  • Wolczik – one of the few languages to survive intact in the colonies of the Iron Coast, this is spoken both in Wolcza and Malowolcza
  • Sandlander – none today speak this language, but it is found carved into ruins across the Iron Coast
  • Common – a bastard trade tongue made up of components and cognates from hundreds of disparate languages, most humans learn at least some Common in their days, but only dwellers in the City-States of Man such as Av Arat and Ur-Hadad attain true mastery
  • Alvlantesk – the language of elves, this strange tongue has its roots in the Dreaming Dimension and is often difficult for mortals to grasp
  • The Black Speech – a corrupted form of the old Tsohort language, this tongue is commonly spoken by beast men and those touched by chaos
  • Skallic – spoken by the tribesmen of Skall, this language hadn’t been heard in the Iron Coast for centuries… until very recently
  • Gurgir – the language spoken by the dwarves of the world of Ore, this tongue is very precise and functional and rarely used outside of dwarven vaults
  • Tsohort Language – the language of the fallen empire of Tsohort, widely known for its black magic, necromancy and demonology

Religions of The Iron Coast

  • Stirkur – the primary god of the Iskurlandik peoples, Stirkur is the jarl of jarls and the god of gods, sitting above all others in the (highly syncretic) Iskurlandik pantheon
  • The Wizard-King of Owls – worshiped as a god only in Hargvald, the Wizard-King of Owls is nonetheless an important supernatural figure throughout the Iron Coast
  • The Gloaming Deeps – a strange cult centered around the veneration of forgotten, unfathomable, submarine deities, the Gloaming Deeps has found many recruits in Port Scourge of late and threatens to expand its influence throughout the other port cities of the Coast such as Av Arat
  • The Stag-Headed God – one of the three chief deities of the Skalls, the Stag-Headed God offers succor to the weak, healing to the sick and food to the hungry, but at what cost?

The Iron Coast

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