Ur-Hadad & Beyond

Foreign Relations

The Party at session’s start:

Artur (7 Iskurlandik cleric)
Ingvar (4 fighter)(H)
Frederic (4 venturer)(H)
Hildr (1 priestess)(H)
Oosh (7 Siccalian thief)
Krim (6 Port Scourge assassin)(H)
Kalilah (6 Skallic priestess)
Gilbard (5 Elven ranger) (H)
Horn (5 Kaasataha explorer)
Basquda (2 Thrassian gladiator) (H)
Hazaq (4 Av Arat venturer)
Ofgar (1 craft priest)(H)
Aesl’n (5 Elven spellsword)
Grumlock (G. Creepus) (5 warlock)(H)
Jhimy (4 machinist)(H)

The warning horns are blown in Sakriskyn when the lookouts spot smoke rising from the lumber camps.

Aesl’n sends Jhimy with 20 men to the southern camp while he takes 20 men to the northern camp. Artur and Horn are in Ingisfjord and head towards the camps picking up light infantry along the way.

Jhimy’s detachment runs into a 25 man Dysollvr raiding party and battle commences. Jhimy deploys his infantry on the high ground and his men set spears to receive the Dysollvr cavalry charge. The recently hired siccalian heavy infantry prove their worth by destroying the first charging unit. The Dysollvr 2nd in command is amongst the enemy dead.

Despite drawing first blood, Jhimy is hard pressed by enemy cavalry on 3 sides of his small force. Luckily, Aesl’n and Artur arrive with their units and join the fray. Aesl’n uses magic to harm the enemy while his recently trained crossbowmen fire into the enemy flank.

Artur with Horn and 30 light infantry charge into the enemy flank. The enemy is reenergized when they manage to drive away Jhimy’s light infantry unit on the opposite flank.

However, the battle is won when Aesl’n uses sleep on the enemy medium cavalry unit and Artur freezes the enemy leader with a hold person spell.

The remaining raiders flee and take more losses when they are unable to evade pursuit. In the end, only 5 raiders escape back to Dysollvr. Fifteen others including the enemy leader are taken back to Pytrograd as prisoners. The heads of the slain are mounted on stakes along the border as a warning.

Artur interrogates the enemy leader Arnkell. At first, he refuses to answer Artur’s questions but his tongue loosens when Artur uses a blade and his healing powers to torture the raider.

Arnkell tells Artur that the Dysollvr Thane holds the western tower while Arnkell’s brother holds the eastern tower. Artur casts quest on Arnkell and tells him to destroy the western tower. Artur considers whether it would be possible to travel to the eastern tower and convince Arnkell’s brother (Vigulfr) to switch sides in return for allowing him to reign over the eastern portion of Dysollvr.

Meanwhile, in the mushroom sultanate, the trade mission meets with the Orroztalani trade group in their enclave. The Orroztalani put on a fine feast of what appears to be human flesh and human blood wine. The party wonders if the strangely somnambulant servants are the source of the feast.

The Orroztalani are very orderly, disciplined, and fond of adornment and art. The party spies a tapestry depicting an Orroztalani victory over the Sandlanders with the aid of an underwater benefactor.

The Orroztalani theocrat is a loquacious host and tells how they have been searching the underground for years in search of a cure for the stone plague. They feel that “the source of the contagion is close” and that they are “close to the energy that stifles them”. They also report being hard pressed by the Otengwe and the Kaasataha.

The session ends with some discussion of whether the Orroztalani and the party would benefit by cooperating in an effort to end the stone plague. The party also remain wary due to the Orroztalani motives remaining mostly shrouded in mystery.


AdamMuszkiewicz JasonZ

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