Ur-Hadad & Beyond

Rest and War Plans

The Party at session’s start:

Artur (7 Iskurlandik cleric)
Oosh (7 Siccalian thief)
Krim (6 Port Scourge assassin)(H)
Lippu (6 Elven courtier)
Kalilah (6 Skallic priestess)
Gilbard (5 Elven ranger) (H)
Horn (4 Kaasataha explorer)
Basquda (1 Thrassian gladiator) (H)
Hazaq (3 Av Arat venturer)
Aesl'n (5 Elven spellsword)
Grumlock (G. Creepus) (5 warlock)(H)

The session begins with 2 weeks rest in Geren’s Ferry while the longship is under repair.

Artur convinces some peasants to row the ship up river and many (including the shipwright) agree to move to Sakriskyn.

Oosh and Hazaq explore the local underground and discover that there is an active smuggler network bringing clay from Tengh to Port Scourge. Also, the smugglers rely on false documents and transferring ownership of the boat between crew members to make it up and down the river.

Horn and Hazaq strike a deal with Oosh to exchange their platinum for gold.

The rest of the party studies spells and their newfound magic items.

Kalilah used divination to begin investigating the petrification sickness and divined the following:
- The source of the petrification sickness is “underground.”
- Port Scourge houses the nearest magic user that can turn stone to flesh.
She also begins asking the Garrin’s Ferry townsfolk about the petrification sickness and learns that those in Mithoth (an orphan barony to west-southwest of Fallen Temosh) have been acquiring petrified bodies, revering them like saints’ relics.

Kalilah (and, later, Artur) cast divination to learn about the party’s immediate future, and their gods warn them to leave Geren’s Ferry ASAP. The party hustles everyone aboard the half-repaired longship as a party of Basran tax collectors arrive.

Artur and Lippu convince Decxa, the tax collector, to accept a 180 GP fee for every time the ship makes a round trip through Geren’s Ferry.

The longship arrives in Sakriskyn and is warmly greeted by the young Thane. The Thane is pleased to see his great grandfather’s longship.

The Thane reviews current events in the baronies. Many peasants have immigrated/defected from the neighboring thanedom of Dysvollr, including 120 light infantry. The Iskurlandik thane of Dysvollr is displeased with his people leaving and sends his envoy to Sakriskyn to protest. The Thane responds by gutting the envoy and makes preparations to annex Dysvollr.

Artur advises the Thane to consider an alternate strategy. Artur suggests a quick raid on Dysvollr to “bloody their noses” and a more lengthy campaign focused on capturing the disordered barony of Yaropol.

Artur feels this will increase the Thane’s power without risking open war with Iskurland. Kalilah suggests making contact with Tengh. She feels an alliance with Tengh can help give Iskerland pause before attacking Sakriskyn and possibly give the party access to powerful Otengwe magic.

The session ends with the party resting and forming plans for the campaigning season.


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