Ur-Hadad & Beyond

Three Weeks of the Carouse....dor

The Party at session’s start:

Artur (7 Iskurlandik cleric)
Ingvar (4 fighter)(H)
Frederic (4 venturer)
Hildr (1 priestess)
Oosh (7 Siccalian thief)
Krim (6 Port Scourge assassin)(H)
Lippu (6 Elven courtier)
Eusebios (3 fighter)(H)
Torgall (1 paladin)(H)
Kalilah (6 Skallic priestess)
Gilbard (5 Elven ranger) (H)
Horn (5 Kaasataha explorer)
Basquda (2 Thrassian gladiator) (H)
Hazaq (4 Av Arat venturer)
Ofgar (1 craft priest)
Aesl'n (5 Elven spellsword)
Grumlock (G. Creepus) (5 warlock)(H)
Jhimy (4 machinist)(H)

After spending roughly two weeks, in the previous session, with the party traveling to Shroomington (one week for travel, one week for Hazaq to sell the first round of goods but with no other Shroomington players taking action), the scene shifted back and forth between Shroomington and Sakriskyn. This session consisted of three weeks of in-game time (mostly used to “carouse”), which means that we ended the session at Week 4 for the group in Shroomington and Week 3 for those in Sakriskyn.


Sakriskyn Group

Aesl'n spent all three weeks training 15 crossbowmen.

Thane Stefan hired 10 mercenaries from Yestapol after peace broke out between the bandits and Yestapol, Eusebios spent his time training them. [?]

Horn began his three weeks by mingling among the residents of Sakriskyn and looking for guides for the upcoming raid on Garthrgnaefa and Austrgnaefa. Horn decided that he would scout the towers himself. Eventually, Horn discovered the hand signal for the towers (but not the password).

Artur began to lay the spiritual foundations for his place of worship by establishing a cadre of devout worshipers and beginning the training of a priestess of Sturkur.

Jhimy spent his three weeks getting his workshop set up and hiring (training?) engineers.


Shroomington Group

Upon the group’s arrival at Shroomington, they made their way to the Embassy from the Future. Once there, the group was informed that things have changed since their last visit. First, no more Sleestaks were coming to Shroomington. Second, a delegation from Orroztallan arrived recently, and they hired Dursen (the party’s former retainer/advisor). Next, they scheduled an audience with the Sultan. At court, the usual characters were in attendance (brain worm and morlocks, Xoanan, red dwarves of Aganon), but the new Orroztallan delegation were also there. The party’s audience with the Sultan included an offering of two meats….

Oosh learned of two thieves guilds that are working in the area. One is the dockworkers made up of mostly vermen and the second NEW guild is made up of Shrooms and outsiders ( Orroztalani ). Oosh also acquired a map of the underground giving us a +1 to navigation. Finally, Oosh attempted to learn more about his new magical bow by visiting the Xoanan. He engaged with the Xoanan a debate about art and managed to sell a painting for 450 gp but it did cost him 500 gp to make. Also he did not learn much about his bow from the Xoanan.

Krim was able to make some repairs to the ship the first week. The second week Krim fucked up all the repairs on the ship and ended up making a giant shroom statue that just looks like a huge penis.

Lippu continued his good work with the young mushrooms of Shroomington by further encouraging their love of song. Lippu noticed that the young mushrooms had taken to a fashion of feathers and gold. Also, Lippu tried to find his three worshippers. Orroseatl followers are not acting like themselves


Kalilah and Gilbard both began their time in Shroomington with an eye toward better understanding the petrification affliction (each for their own reasons). As they asked around, they found out that there is an area of caverns where things turn to stone naturally on their own, where the only things that survive are creatures that petrify other things. After further inquiry, they found a couple of explorers that have have returned from those caverns. One crazy ol’ shroom in particular (Niktar) tells story of strange structures in those caverns the likes of which he’s only seen in the far eastern caverns.

With Kalilah in tow, Gilbard pressed Niktar for more information and found out that petrification is centered on gaze. Also, Niktar agreed to serve as guide should the group decide to foolishly explore the petrified caverns.

After their conversation with Niktar, the unlikely duo followed a path more geared toward Kalilah’s interests: Tribe of Xoanan. The Xoanan, when asked about petrification, encouraged both Kalilah and Gilbard to participate ecstatic, frenzied dance, which yielded nothing for Kalilah other than extreme psychic exhaustion. Gilbard only observed and was neither helped nor harmed by the experience. Not convinced that she had truly plumbed the depths of the knowledge of the Dweller of the Gulfs In Between [did I get that right, Adam?], Kalilah tried once again to “interface” with the Tribe of Xoanan. This time, they asked Kalilah to participate in a riddle tournament, in which she failed pathetically…and she learned nothing more about petrification.

Gilbard pursued a more, shall we say, practical route for information on petrification. After a small amount of digging, Gilbard found what can only be described as his tribe…ya know, if he didn’t already have an elf tribe: the Sultan’s Society for the Study of Extranormal Fauna. Here, Gilbard found a group of the Society’s members that had encountered a society deep below surface that were mammalian but more like morlocks with sight. This society kept fantastic beasts as tamed creatures, but as of a century ago, their city was deserted.





Av Arat Group
Grumlock is well on his way to Av Arat to learn about the depraved shit that he specializes in.



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