Elven courtier


Lippu was born on the green wooded grounds of Whitesky, the royal palace of elves in the dreaming dimension. The Grand Glade of Straight Aspens, the elegant and exhaulted inner court was occasionally his nursery, schoolroom, sparring ground, and always the festival hall where he and his family, and all of their friends, celebrated their greatest and most solemn moments.

On such grand occasions, as well as more mundane gatherings, the entertainment of choice was storytelling, enjoyed even more in the form of song. Lippu aspired from an early age to be a highly regarded storyteller. He resolved to be worthy of holding the attention of the most illuminated elves in the dimension. He studied all of the courtly arts but most of all oration and song. His swordsmanship, formal knowledge of nature and skill with a bow were all commended, but he longed most of all to know more of the glory of his people so that he could bring them new, and more exciting, and more detailed stories of the exploits of such legends as Aesl’n the Great.

Expecting to spend the majority of his life in the royal court, Lippu asked to leave so he could experience first-hand the worlds that he knew only through stories. He wanted to learn more about the efforts of adventuring and military elves to conquer the corruption of a previous era, and to remove the veil that separates the earthly realms from the dreaming dimension. He intended to bring back new stories, and to embellish the existing legends, so that his place in court would be exalted and aid him in securing a fine and beautiful companion.

He was sure of his ability to find adventure outside of court, but when he found himself in the company of the legendary Aesl’n, he started to wonder if he might be destined for greater things.

On arrival to Or, Lippu was a confident, pristine youth. After months of adventure through barren plains, rocky lifeless mountains and dank caves, he finds himself unprepared to make sense of the world around him, least of all the behavior of humans. More surprisingly, Aesl’n appears even more inscrutable and unlike the warrior of the legends than Lippu ever imagined. To Lippu, Aesl’n sometimes makes less sense than the gods of the humans.

Confused and roughed up by the road, Lippu finds himself questioning everything, including the value of his own motives.


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