Ur-Hadad & Beyond

Foreign Relations Part 2

The Party at session’s start:

Artur (7 Iskurlandik cleric)
Ingvar (4 fighter)(H)
Frederic (4 venturer)(H)
Hildr (1 priestess)(H)
Oosh (7 Siccalian thief)
Krim (6 Port Scourge assassin)(H)
Kalilah (6 Skallic priestess)
Gilbard (5 Elven ranger) (H)
Horn (5 Kaasataha explorer)
Basquda (2 Thrassian gladiator) (H)
Hazaq (4 Av Arat venturer)
Ofgar (1 craft priest)(H)
Aesl’n (5 Elven spellsword)
Grumlock (G. Creepus) (5 warlock)(H)
Jhimy (4 machinist)(H)
Lippu (6 Elven courtier)
Eusebios (3 fighter)(H)
Torgall (1 paladin)(H)

The party members spend one last week in the sultanate as Hazaq completes the sale of the trade goods.

Oosh sets up a meeting with a couple of low level thief shrooms. However, he doesn’t go to the meeting but disguises himself as a shroom and waits outside for the thugs to exit the apartment. Oosh is able to trail the shrooms to an alleyway that ends with a door.

Before the two fungi get to the alley door they spot Oosh and confront him. Moments later, the two shrooms are joined by three other thief shrooms that come from the street behind Oosh. After a few words they pull out short swords (an odd weapon for the shrooms to use) and attack. The fungi manage to land some lucky hits on the artist but nothing too severe.

Oosh figures that he has discovered his goal, the entrance to the new thieves guild. So, instead of counterattacking he runs and easily leads the five attackers into the hands of local law enforcement that send the thug shrooms directly to jail. Also, during the chase the careless thieves give Oosh one more piece of information. They speak the name “Aranka”, a possible leader of the new outlander guild.

Krim works on the ship and adds a few more hit points to the hull.

Lipu spent the time preaching to his followers.

Kalilah spoke with a mushroom dignitary and gains access to the Sultan’s library. She intends to stay behind when the others return to the surface. She hopes to create a protection vs. petrification spell.

Gilbard finds maps leading to the fabled underground realm of Olorusura (treasure of the gods), the land where an ancient race kept magical fauna.

Basquda prowls the taverns and wine bars mingling with the locals and hearing rumors. He learns that the Fane of Pain is constantly becoming a greater and greater threat. No one seems to be organizing to confront the Fane.

One day Basquda is approached by the lizardman sub-chief Lawita. She seems surprised and hurt that Basquda hasn’t caroused with the lizardman delegation. She invites him to visit their embassy. Basquda visits their embassy and agrees to a contest of arms with one of the lizardman warriors. Basquda is bested and realizes that he has become diminished in the eyes of Lawita.

Ofgar learns that the Orroztalani worship gods that come from the stars but now live in the sea. Centipedes are a common motif in their symbology.

The party decides to attend a goodbye feast hosted by the Orroztalani before returning to the surface.

At the Orroztalani goodbye feast all but Gilbard eat some black giant centipede meat. Eating the meat allows one to be able to communicate telepathically. Basquda, Krim, and Hazaq hear a "trusted” voice in their heads after eating the meat. The voice telepathically communicates that “in the future it will tell (them) the truth”.

Also, the Orroztalani give gifts for the Thane and the party ends.

Meanwhile on the surface, Artur sets out to parley with Vigulfr, the castellan of the central tower. Horn and Aesl’n council for taking precautions but Artur sets off alone on horseback.

Unbeknownst to Artur, Horn follows his trail after being made invisible by Aesl’n.

Artur is quickly intercepted by a mounted patrol and taken to Vigulfr . Artur attempts to convince Vigulfr to rise against his Thane but Vigulfr refuses. Artur even cancels the quest on Arnkell but still Vigulfr refuses to change his allegiance.

Finally, Artur commits himself to face the Thane of Dysvollr in single combat. Vigulfr is impressed by this and Artur sets out for the western tower, the seat of the Dysvollr Thane.


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