Ur-Hadad & Beyond

Two Men Enter

The Party at session’s start:

Artur (7 Iskurlandik cleric)
Ingvar (4 fighter)(H)
Frederic (4 venturer)(H)
Hildr (1 priestess)(H)
Oosh (7 Siccalian thief)
Krim (6 Port Scourge assassin)(H)
Kalilah (6 Skallic priestess)
Gilbard (5 Elven ranger) (H)
Horn (5 Kaasataha explorer)
Basquda (2 Thrassian gladiator) (H)
Hazaq (4 Av Arat venturer)
Ofgar (1 craft priest)(H)
Aesl’n (5 Elven spellsword)
Grumlock (G. Creepus) (5 warlock)(H)
Jhimy (4 machinist)(H)
Lippu (6 Elven courtier)
Eusebios (3 fighter)(H)
Torgall (1 paladin)(H)

Artur is escorted into the courtyard of the western tower and comes face to face with Thane Sturmssen. The Thane is a burly, heavily muscled, and horrifically tattooed berserker and he readily takes up Artur’s challenge. Seig’s housecarl Loden throws insults upon Artur. He is recognized as the coward that cut the party’s ropes when they descended into the tomb of Ulmur the Pious.

Seig equips his plate armor and fights with an enchanted warhammer. Artur draws first blood but Seig retaliates with a massive blow. Artur calls upon the might of Stirkur and Seig is held as he deals another fell blow that nearly guts Artur. The victor gathers himself and calmly decapitates the Thane.

The crowd is stunned by this turn of events. Artur claims two magic rings from the corpse but leaves the arms and armor for the Thane’s children.

Artur sends to Sakriskyn and bids Thane Stefan to come to the tower. Artur spends the rest of the day trying to explain his motives and plans to first Arnkell, then Vigulfr, then Stefan, and finally to Horn. He feels that installing Vigulfr as the new Thane of Dysvollr will help ensure peace along Sakriskyn’s north and east borders. He announces that his next step will be to travel to Iskurland and to seek an audience with the Jarl.

That night there is a great feast. The treacherous housecarl, Loden, loudly boasts about killing Kaasataha and being a generally bad person. First, Eusebius poisons his drink and then Horn stealthily drowns him while he sleeps and Horn slips out of the hall without being detected.

Meanwhile in the Sultanate, the party returns from the Orroztalani feast. Gilbard demands that they be examined for signs of poisoning. An extended examination finds no sign of illness.

Kalilah experiences various dreams and visions all extolling her to “seek the third witch”. Kalilah plans to stay behind to research her new spell but sends a note with the ship asking Artur to help her find the third witch.

Basquda has a vision of his future self, first as a slavering warlord and second as a hermit. He questions whether either of these futures are what he desires.

Oosh passes a map to the “outsider thief guild” of the vermen/local thief guild hideout.

The party sets sail for the surface. They experience several navigational mishaps and the ship is damaged and 8 light infantry are lost.

The session ends as the ship reaches the foggy lake before the cave opening to the surface. There are signs that several skittering maws are trailing the ship.


AdamMuszkiewicz JasonZ

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